A 138 m2 three-bedroom apartment with a kitchen island in Moscow
Size 138 m2
Type A three-bedroom apartment
Years 2020–2021
Features Two long corridors, a narrow hallway with no closets
This place is owned by a young family. At the time of designing, they had one child, but they were planning a second one and asked us to design two separate bedrooms for them. They also wanted a master bedroom and a dressing room of their own, three bathrooms (for them, for children and for guests), a laundry room with some storage for all the household appliances and utensils and a spacious open-plan great room suitable for hosting friends.

Our team developed this project from scratch, supervised all deliveries and finishing works, and designed and produced the cabinet furniture.
The corridor has been turned into a common walk-in dressing zone
We decided to remove the partitions between the kitchen, the living room, and the corridor to create a common space
The private parent part has a separate shower room and a dressing room
We also resized the laundry room to accommodate a wardrobe in the hallway
There is no place to store clothes and shoes in the hallway
The developer planned for the bedrooms to be separated from the common area of the apartment by long narrow corridors
The laundry room was planned at the construction phase
We combined the kitchen and the living room to get a spacious multipurpose great room. The cooking area has been fitted with a marble island looking like a monumental monolith with a zephyrous tabletop.
The island, the backsplash, and the kitchen worktop were made of the Rex large-format porcelain stoneware. We decided not to use the upper modules: things can be stored in the lower drawers, inside the island or in the column cupboards. Additional lighting was installed in a small niche above the work surface, and Foscarini solid wood lamps matching the furniture were hung above the island.
We used a hob with a built-in extractor hood, so that the kitchen wall looks like a flat panel.
Kitchen cabinets with MDF fronts in oak veneer blend into the wall panels.
The large wall of the living room was decorated with bichromatic Italon ceramic tiles composing a panel with accent lighting around the perimeter.
Under the TV, there is a hanging cabinet with drawers and a shelf for a speaker. Five other speakers are directed to the sofa: three stand by the TV, two are attached to the ceiling.
The bookcase is the accent of the whole interior. Its dark elements of different widths and textures are combined with a backdrop of the same porcelain stoneware as in the kitchen. This piece of furniture definitely brings a lot of dynamics into the room.
In the bedroom, the same wall panels were used as in the open-plan living room, but a few elements of a bronze matte mirror were added. The bedside tables were also made with the same design.
We removed the windowsill separating the bedroom and the balcony and installed there a sash window. It can be opened completely, there will be no rack in the middle of it.
The master bedroom includes a bathroom and walk-in wardrobe that was transformed from a narrow corridor. The dressing room has several rails for the shirts and trousers’ open storage, a wardrobe with glass fronts for long clothes and a shelving unit with drawers for accessories. Moreover, the dressing room has an additional function: it is a buffer zone between the public area and the private one.
We also designed and made several convenient items for the master bathroom: a small bench in the shower room, a mirror with built-in lighting that turns on detecting the hand movement, and a cabinet with a dirty laundry basket hiding behind its facade. Once the basket is full, it is easy to bring everything up right into the laundry.
When we were designing the kids’ room, the clients did not yet know what kind of furniture they wanted to put in it and how it could be placed. We kept the colors neutral and added several magnetic track lights that can be easily rearranged and aimed at the necessary place.
For the children's dressing room, we designed and produced a whole storage system with drawers, shelves, and rails.
In the children's bathroom, we made a niche for shower accessories, put a mirror (also with built-in lighting) and hid the laundry basket behind the folding facade of a cabinet as well.
At the request of the clients, we did not remake the guest bathroom into a dressing room. There is some place for storing on both sides of the hallway: on the left, there is a large wardrobe with access hatches to the electrical and low-voltage shields on the back wall. On the right, there are cabinets with glass facades for bags and shoes.
In the laundry room, we organized a full-fledged amenities place: there are washing and drying machines, a water heater and water filters above them. Customers made a list of large things that they would like to store there, so we designed and produced appropriately sized furniture. There is enough space for a stroller, vacuum cleaners and suitcases, and there is also room for ironing clothes.
We studied all the details and features of this place carefully to renovate the interior in just the same way as we presented it to the clients.
  • Karen Karapetian
    Chief Designer
  • Anna Prokhorova
  • Oleg Mokrushnikov
  • Кonstantin Prokhorov
  • Ekaterina Baibakova
    Head of Purchasing
  • Timur Chochiev
    Finishing Manager
  • Alexey Stepanov
    Head of Finishing
  • Andrey Savelyev
    Installation Manager
  • Nastasya Korbut
  • Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko
  • Vera Minchenkova
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