A one-bedroom 38 m2 Moscow apartment with a combined kitchen-living room and a dressing area
Size 38 m2
Type A one-bedroom apartment
Years 2021–2022
Features The larger room is a living room, while the smaller one is a kitchen; there is a small pantry almost at the entrance
We designed this interior for a couple; their children already live separately. The apartment is small; the clients would like to have a separate bedroom, find some space for a desk, and place the utility unit somewhere not in the bathroom.

Our team created a design project and worked with the interior exactly according to the plan and budget. We also designed and manufactured all the cabinet furniture specifically for this apartment.
We cut the partition wall between the kitchen and the room: it cannot be moved if there are neighbors downstairs
We replaced the window unit with swinging doors to expose the kitchen to more light
The bathroom was enlarged at the expense of the corridor
The bedroom was separated in such a way for it to have a window. The bed can be accessed through sliding doors
The closets are combined with the nightstands
The pantry has been enlarged at the expense of the hallway. There is now some space for a closet and a utility unit.
The living room is in the bigger room
A tiny pantry
We worked with a classic one-room apartment of 38 square meters: the kitchen is in a smaller space and the living room is in a larger one. This kind of layout is pretty uncomfortable to live in, because it is almost impossible to provide the inhabitants with a separate bedroom — the bed will inevitably happen to be in the living room. Allocating the large room solely for the bedroom would result in the kitchen becoming the only area for resting and hosting friends.We replanned the apartment in compliance with all legal restrictions, i.e. separated the kitchen-living room and the private bedroom.
There is a complete corner unit in the kitchen: the appliances are built into the cabinets and there is a straight black countertop. Its color is echoed by the built-in profile handles. Column cabinets and top modules reach up to the ceiling; the stove is equipped with a built-in hood hidden behind the facade.
The balcony is insulated, and there is a home office organized within this area. We have designed and manufactured a hanging desk and two cabinets for documents and household items. Besides, there is a place to charge the robot vacuum cleaner under the large cabinet.
The center of the kitchen-living room is accentuated with a large double-sided wardrobe. There is a shelf niche on the side of the sofa
We chose a straight sofa on thin legs to make it visually lighter. The headboard of the sofa and the TV are about two meters apart.
Easy access to the bed is guaranteed with two passageways leading into the bedroom. In addition, we put frosted glass sliding partitions so that the light from the window would go into the living room as well.
The bed has a headboard facing the window so that it is possible to hang a TV on the wall. We have made sure that the headboard will not be either overheated by the radiator or cold. We installed wall vents to allow fresh air in, so the windows can be kept closed.

There was an uneven protruding pylon left on the right wall. We decided not to level the entire wall so as not to lose even a centimeter, but to correct the pylon geometry and finish it with porcelain stoneware.
Clothes can be stored in hanging cabinets above the bedside tables.
The bathroom has been slightly enlarged at the expense of the hallway. This room is narrow, so we put a shallow cabinet with a worktop washbasin on it. There is also some place for storage and access to utility systems above it.
A small pantry turned into a dressing room with a utility unit. There happened to be no room left for swinging cabinets though, so we kept the entire storage system open.
This is how we presented the interior upon completion of the design: all objects and materials were chosen by our team. Elaborating all the details at the early stage allowed us to do everything according to the plan we presented to the client.
  • Karen Karapetian
    Chief Designer
  • Tatyana Zemerova
  • Oleg Mokrushnikov
  • Кonstantin Prokhorov
  • Ekaterina Baibakova
    Head of Purchasing
  • Pavel Prokhorov
    Finishing Manager
  • Alexey Stepanov
    Installation Manager
  • Nastasya Korbut
  • Olga Shangina
  • Vera Minchenkova
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