A 59 m2 one-bedroom apartment with Moscow city view
Size 59 m2
Type A one-bedroom apartment
Years 2020–2022
Features The rooms are nonrectangular; windows cannot be opened, but there are some ventilators under the ceiling
This is a unique high-floor apartment with acute angles and large windows. Our main task was to make it a place suitable for observing the city. Dealing with 70-degree angles is pretty difficult, but we managed to organize everything as ergonomically as possible: there is some storage space, a work desk and a lounge zone.

Windows cannot be opened, there are only small ventilators under the ceiling. We have developed a ventilation and air conditioning system so that the apartment always has fresh air.

Our team created a design project and worked with the interior exactly according to the planand budget. We also designed and manufactured all the cabinet furniture specifically for this apartment. We discussed this interior with MyDecor.
The washing machine and dryer are hidden in a column cabinet so that the design of the bathroom remains solid
There is a TV and a drawer unit in the niche between the box and the pylon
We decided to put the sofa in such a way that it would be convenient for those sitting on it both to watch TV and to communicate with people in the kitchen
We added a countertop along the window to give the clients a place to work and to have breakfast
The TV is placed directly on the false facade: with this solution, one can not waste space for storing clothes
In nonrectangular rooms, the usable space is lessened. Non-straight angles make it more challenging to arrange the furniture
Thanks to the partition, the space is divided into a modest-sized kitchen and a living room
Large windows offer great city views
The center of the open-plan living room is a slab of Patagonia quartzite with translucent quartz layers with LED lights behind it. In the evening, the stone becomes an impressive lamp. The whole room is also designed in different shades of quartzite. We opted for bronze cabinet fronts, Atlas Concorde marble porcelain tiles, and a high-gloss white kitchen unit.

In the hallway, we lowered the ceiling by 40 cm to place a ventilation and air conditioning system; the air comes from the technical balcony. In the hallway, there is a mirror outerwear wardrobe. One can access hatches to the electrical and low-current shields through its rear wall.
The beautifully shining tip-on facades are made of refined glossy glass. The refrigerator is fitted out with a minimalistic handle.
The client wanted to have a place by the window to watch the city view, and we shaped the kitchen according to this wish. The sink is located against the window, and the countertop turns into a work table and a place for breakfast.
One of the challenges regarding the open-plan living room was to hang the TV so that it could be seen from any angle. Along with this, we aimed at organizing as many storage spaces as possible. As a result, we hung the TV on the cabinet’s false facade. Behind the TV, there is a place for hanging off-season clothes.
Initially, the kitchen and living room were separate. We have combined these two rooms with a hallway so that the main room can be seen immediately after entering the apartment. The very tone of the apartment is set by a white table and chairs and a cupboard with frosted bronze glass fronts.

The cupboard hides a blank part of the glazing planned by the developer. Placing this piece of furniture at this spot adds some space to store the dishes and décor pieces.
We moved away from the classic design originally proposed by the client and opted out of the strict symmetry and wall decorations. Despite the asymmetry and even the “random” mirror fronts placement scheme, our design is consistent in terms of colors and textures. Each detail of the interior is reflected in the decorative elements and pieces of furniture located next to it.
The bedroom in this apartment is also nonrectangular. The complex angles of the bedroom are repeated in the false ceiling hiding LED lights and ventilation grills.
The asymmetry of the room is supported by large mirrors above the headboard. Next to them, there is a hanging vanity table. Besides, the bedroom is equipped with brass lamps placed above the bedside stand.
In the bathroom decorated with marble and brass-painted aluminum mosaics, the main interior palette is repeated.
In the bathroom, there is a column cabinet containing a washer and a dryer. The appliances are hidden behind the facades repeating the kitchen ones: their base is made of white enameled MDF covered with refined glossy glass.
It is also possible to store things in the unit under the sink, behind the mirror and above the toilet. The ribbed fronts remind of the hallway cabinets with each of them having handles made of textile loops. For this bathroom, we decided to use a curtain made of outdoor water-repellent fabric.
This is how we presented the interior upon completion of the design: all objects and materials were chosen by our team. Elaborating all the details at the early stage allowed us to do everything according to the plan we presented to the client.
  • Karen Karapetian
    Chief Designer
  • Iuliia Tsapko
  • Oleg Mokrushnikov
  • Кonstantin Prokhorov
  • Ekaterina Baibakova
    Head of Purchasing
  • Pavel Prokhorov
    Finishing Manager
  • Alexey Stepanov
    Installation Manager
  • Nastasya Korbut
  • Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko
  • Vera Minchenkova
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